For support and inspiration our thanks go to:

Tanja, Mum & Dad, Mikula, Holger, Bessem, Beri, Mr. Thorsten Jonas, Ms. Alexandra Appel, Josko, Robin, Dean, Mr. Giorgio Del Sabato, Ingo, Mr. Christian Fadini, Raimund, Babak, Dubi, Mr. Federico Sartorato, Stefan, Mr. Mario Viola, Ante, A.J., Mr. Peter Senge, Mr. Andreas Hausmann, Mr. Marco Memmo, Sister Aloysia, Mr. Peter Brew, Mr. Stephen R. Covey, Mr. Jyoti Gupta, Franz Von Assisi, Mr. Ulrich Toews, Mr. Mike George, Sanija, Mr. Berry Merkin, Ms. Pille Bunnell, Mr. Toke Møller, Ms. Margaret Wheatley and to all the others who helped us with our organisation and to those who will support us in future.