The NO MARKETING concept

The NO MARKETING concept is a very simple concept and is based on the promise to never spend unnecessarily money for advertising. Instead of that, these (free) financial means shall be used for the fight against world hunger.
Primarily we would like to help children suffering from hunger with sponsorships.
With a sponsorship, we would not only help children but also their family and communities in which they live. We support projects of which the goal is, to permanently strengthen the entire environment of the children with the help of self-help projects and to ensure their existence in the long term. The project work shall improve medical care and the access to potable water but also lead to improvements in the fields of education and alimentation.
NO MARKETING cannot renounce advertising in the sense of business studies, as the scientific definition of marketing includes the fields of distribution, product and price.
We have the need to dispose of our products (distribution). We care about the quality of our products (product) and we offer these products of highest quality (to our customers) to a fair price (price).
We are of the opinion that advertising is superfluous.
The following questions concerning the need of advertising arose with the question of its general problem:

  • Do we want to fire advertising slogans at our customers?
  • Do we want to mediate an artificial idea of life to our customers in context with our product?
  • Do we want our product to be a status symbol for our customers? Something that defines them as human beings?
  • Do we want to manipulate our customers?
  • Do we want to take part in the field of research of neuromarketing to x-ray our customers psychologically and neuropsychologically to control the customers too?
  • Shall we spend money for all of that too?

For us, there was only one answer to all those questions: No!

That is why we decided to renounce advertising and to not spend money on advertising respectively because we know better to do with it!
400 billion dollars are spent for advertising worldwide per year.
At the same time, meanwhile, more than 1 billion people suffer from hunger. That is about every sixth person on earth!
Sixty years ago, the general Declaration of Human Rights was signed. It also embodies the right of food! (Actually it is absurd, that this must be fixed in written form and even sadder when it is not respected. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse from year to year.)
30 billion dollars would be needed to overcome world hunger completely.
Consequently the problem of world hunger could be completely solved by advertising expenditures reduced by 10%.
We cut our advertising expenditures by 100% and use these means in the fight against world hunger.
On no account we would like to make it seem like we were heroes. The concept does only work with the help of our customers and partners and thanks to all people that support our concept.
We only offer a platform with our concept. The positive effect comes up due to the customers and people who support the concept. The NO MARKETING concept thus has the effect of a lever arm which transfers the support of the customers and people.
We are conscious of our small role and we will do everything that we will never forget this.
Our wish is to operate quickly (with our lever arm) and therefore the NO MARKETING concept offers the possibility for the gastronomy to help at once.