The NO MARKETING Philosophy

Our business venture is based on a unconventional and human philosophy. The NO MARKETING philosophy comprises the relation between all internal and external participants of our enterprise.

NO MARKETING partners:
Our partners are all these active participants we could not accomplish our NO MARKETING idea without. They form the logistic part of the NO MARKETING idea. They are the legs we firmly stand on and which enable us to reach our goals.
All our deliverers that enable the creation of our products and services are part of that. Partners that support us in creative and creating fields, our counsellors and supporters as far as legal, financial and fiscal questions are concerned and last but not least our partner aid organisations that help us to address our help correctly.
We expect the highest amount of integrity from our partners. At the same time, we wish our partners to follow the values of honesty, courage, (intelligence and moderation) the pursuit of justice and the ethic duty to do good.

NO MARKETING godparent:
We do not reduce the NO MARKETING godparent to a simple role of a customer. This does not mean, however, that they need to renounce the highest quality standards and a maximum of commitment as far as our products and efforts are concerned. Quite the contrary: we give our best to fulfil their wishes and expectations. However, we would like to emphasize explicitly that the NO MARKETING partners is given the leading part in our cooperation. This is because; it is only with the help of their decision to support us that they keep alive the NO MARKETING idea.

No MARKETING supporters:
You got to know our concept and our philosophy and took to it. You like our idea. Then you have already become NO MARKETING supporter. It is your approval, which we certainly feel, that inspires and motivates us additionally. It gives us the necessary and additional impulse and gives us, on our way additional wind for our sails.
You have recommendations, comments or questions, then write to us and thus take part on our journey to a fairer and better world.

You are sincerely welcome at any time!